Remap 'command-palette:toggle' to double shift


Hi,i’m regular using phpstorm. There is the shortcut 2x shift for commands. I tried to remap the ''command-palette:toggle" to 2x shift, but i dosn’t work:

    'shift shift': 'command-palette:toggle'

Could it be possible that this key combo is not supported, yet?


Using modifier keys in this way is not supported in Atom right now, to my knowledge. Pressing and releasing a modifier key by itself does not create a keyboard event. It is an interesting idea for an addition, though I’m not sure how low-level the code would need to be placed to support it. Given the issue with International keyboards, I’m suspecting this wouldn’t be an easy addition.


I just stumbled upon a package that might have a solution. As I stated in this other topic:

There is a package that hooks the low-level keydown and keyup events to do things with them. I still don’t know if pressing a modifier by itself triggers these events, but you could give it a shot.

Pin the the Command Palette in the Atom Browser

Is this possible? I’m surprised nobody has attempted a package for doing this yet.