Relocate the text-buffer


how can i pull the text-buffer from the bottom of the screen to the right (or somewhere else) ?

im running the script plugin and hate how the vertical space gets crunched between the editor pane and the buffer. it gets worse when i run tests from in the editor and ive got three text sandwiches

what i want (where buf is the output of the script plugin running my server):

|  editor  | buf |
|          |     |

instead of:

|     editor     |
|     buffer     |


Have you tried opening a second pane to the right Cmd+K → and then opening the script panel in there?


yep, i get this layout:

|     editor     |     editor   |
|              buffer           |   

i was hopeful!


It looks like you’ll have to work with the author of the package to add the feature. Right now, pane management features like you’re asking for are pretty crude in Atom.