Relocate package repository


Hey guys !

I’d like to relocate the repository of my Remote-FTP package without creating conflicting shenanigans. remote-ftp -> atom-remote-ftp

Is it possible and how ?


@thedaniel would be the person that can answer this.


I would like to see a guide about that too.
I was bitten by that once and I’m quite reluctant to redo it again without a full understanding.


Hi @gern, were you able to solve the problem?


@Trudko No I haven’t tried anything without official guide / step-by-step. I mess up other packages in the past and certainly don’t want to do the same with this one.


So, thanks to @fundon I finally understood how to do it without issues:

  1. Transfer/rename your repo
  2. Update the files containaing the repo name (package.json, README, etc.)
  3. Publish a new version using apm

I think my previous bad experiences was partially due to me not understanding the proper steps to follow and partially to apm failing to update its database.

You can take a look at where all repos were moved recently to the atom-minimap org using this method.