Reload Window keyboard shortcut not working in Mac OS X


I’ve checked the Key Binding Resolver for Cmd + Ctrl + Option + L and it doesn’t register, so my best guess is it’s something in OS X. Anyone have any ideas what other applications use this shortcut that would be hijacking it? If not, does anyone know of something like the key binding resolver for OS X?


Well, it isn’t exactly like the Keybinding Resolver, but there is Keycastr.


I noticed this a while ago and wanted to confirm this for OS X 10.11. However, my machine at work still runs 10.8 and the shortcut is working fine.


I’m using OS X 10.11.4 and the key binding is working fine too, so I don’t believe it is anything specific to El Capitan.


@wesbaker Any chance you’re using 1Password, or more specifically 1Password mini, the helper app in the menu bar? For me that was the reason why the reload shortcut did not work, the same shortcut is used to lock 1Password.

The good news is that both applications, Atom and 1Password, allow you to change the shortcut.