"reload view" not working


In Atom .186, I am editing a theme in on window and have a sample file open in another window.

When I choose “view > reload” to see my LESS changes, the window refreshes as empty. I need to re-open the document.

This never used to happen.


I don’t know what would cause that, but… If you’re working on a theme, you should start Atom in dev mode. Then you can use dev reload (or something like that, maybe dev live reload, I don’t have access to my Atom machine right now) from the command palette. Saves a lot of time because it doesn’t reload the entire window, but just the styles.


I’m experiencing the same problem, here. I’ve even tried downgrading to version .184 but to no avail. Could it be a plugin that’s causing the problem?


I’m also having this problem, but since I’m working on a plugin I don’t think the dev reload to reload styles will help.


Just updated to version .187 and the problem’s gone away. Thumbs up!


Same for me. The update fixed the issue.


Closing this topic as resolved in 24 hours unless there are any objections. Thanks!

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