Reload package from disk without reloading editor


Hi, I’m looking for a way to reload a certain package from disk without actually reloading the entire editor (through the dev tools).

Tried something like this, but didn’t work:



This is a duplicate of multiple previous discussions:

The short answer is that reloading using View > Reload is the fastest way to reliably load a changed package from disk. If you’re making style-only changes the dev-live-reload package will reload some things automatically, but it sounds like you’re making code changes.

Additionally, when you launch tests interactively, they are loaded in a new context that takes into account the new code. So unit testing your code can make things go faster too.

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I read all of the other discussions but what I am looking for is a programatically approach for doing this. Especially with very heavy packages, reloading the entire editor can take 10s at a time.

When specifically is atom reading files from disk? Is it doing that only on startup?


The reload handling code starts here:

To be honest, I haven’t needed to know when things are loaded from disk. I do know that there are caching mechanisms in place though so that things are only loaded and parsed once.


Okay thank you for that. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


Just a small update. We managed to get hot code reload working with atom packages written in clojurescript, so no more window reloading - yayyy!

I updated the ajom template to include the changes. If you like clojurescript, check it out. You won’t regret it :wink:


Why is it specific to clojurescript?


I developed package like that.

Please take this for your reference :grin:


@cakecatz interesting timing, I also just submitted a PR with something like your reload code to Atom:

Basically, it would clear the require.cache for a package once it gets unloaded.

Also, I took a look at your reload to see how you were doing it and I would advise you to change this line:

As is, you’ll also end-up clearing the cache for every package that starts with the same name as your package (ie. if I work on minimap, your code will clear the cache for every plugin as they are all using a minimap- prefix)


Wow, It’s good timing :open_mouth:
I hope that PR will be merged.

And thanks for your advise.
I fixed code for clearing the cache like yours.

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