Releases for Windows


you can grab Windows builds here (for now):

No Download Link for Windows
Missing cursor when resizing tree view pane (windows)

This is the first one that’s really worked for me. Thanks for this!


first of all thanks for that! Finally load correctly.

  • bug? - for some reason tree view does not work (no sidebar). update: sidebar became visible when i dragged a folder in. guessing it’s a project mode only.

  • where can i install the windows shell? (apm) update: in the bin folder.


apm is included and can be ran from resources/app/node_modules/atom-package-manager/bin/apm.cmd or something similar (relative to where you extracted the zip)

I plan on working on automating this but for now you could add that to your path


Thanks for the share. Now have to learn how to not break any other software builds I have in my system when running this.

Guidance On Platform-Specific Config Defaults

I published a chocolatey package. If you use chocolatey you can now:

cinst atom

More detilas here


Sorry for this stupid question, but can you explain how to launch atom on windows???
I followed instructions and run script\build.cmd
Looks like build was complete - but what should i do then?


I had the same problem. The build script installs to Program Files (x86); there’s an executable binary in there.


Awesome, Thank you for this.


Thanks a lot. :smile:


Thanks for this, it has helped a lot, using my macbook isn’t the best for atom. Prefer to use desktop :smile:


Thank-you. I have to use Windows a lot for work, so now I can take atom out for a proper test-drive.


Why is it so big? 98MB


The build instructions on your fork differ on the path section which is probably why so many have struggled to build on Windows. I was half way to the path you have but I still can’t build as I am behind a firewall that blocks git clone/pull for some reason.

As these instructions have moved in the main repo to a seperate file in docs it might be worth submitting a new pull request to update these.


I’d assume since it includes all the dependencies.

Works fine :smile:


Well, I did get it to compile on my windows7 machine. Not that easy to do, but glad it worked. I am impressed with another great contribution by Github! Thanks! :+1:


I’ve been struggling to build on windows. I think it’s down to a mix of 32bit and 64 bit python/node/os etc.

Does anyone know how to specify 32 vs 64 or is it I am running a 64bit OS so I get a 64 bit build.


@maninsuitcase mine fail at first always! So when I see an error, I solve just that error.

if I see an error like the next one, I ignore if I cannot do an npm install:
npm WARN git config --get remote.origin.url returned wrong result (git://
I would run npm install cscodegen

Then I do a script/clean followed by the script/build again

rinse and repeat

Once I see the build go through, Done!


Many thanks for providing the windows builds!

Is there any chance to get them as some kind of portable installation?
On my computer at work I have no admin privileges so I am not allowed to install all that Visual Studio stuff.
Atom itself runs fine but I cannot install packages.


Official Windows Build