Release notes for packages


I love the fact that packages update from within the app, but there are no release notes associated with any of the updated pages.

There should be a standard way that packages describe their release notes (like a directory called “release-notes” holding files named “”). If the release note exists then it should be opened after the package is updated. If it doesn’t then nothing is opened.

The well maintained packages will start providing release notes.


Well maintained packages do provide release notes. If you go into Settings and go to the package you’re interested in, you can click on the “Open CHANGELOG” button:

It will open a nice formatted view of the CHANGELOG for that package. It just doesn’t auto-open whenever the package is updated.

If the package doesn’t offer a CHANGELOG, then the button won’t be available.


I didn’t know about that.

But I would also like newly updated packages to have their changelogs opened automatically after they are updated. Basically like the Atom editor does when it updates.


I agree with @jkamenik. I would love to see release notes on the update page and not have to click into each package to see them.


Bit of an old topic, but I would love to see some implementation of the changelog on the updates page. Either showing the latest addition to the log in a collapsable section of the page or at least adding the changelog button (maybe with a highlight if there have been changes to the changelog?) would be nicer than manually clicking on the package to access its changelog. Additionally, showing the changelog on would be nice too.


There is a related issue open in the settings-view repo.


Apologies for missing this reply when it was posted. Exactly what I’m looking for!