Relearning programming - own poker software

Hey guys i did study programming maybee a decade ago but then after a few years i had to quit and focus on other things and since then i did not program anymore. But now times have changed and i have time again and was thinking about to make a own small project that could also be useful for me, to learn how to program again.

I am a poker pro and play on sites where i only can get my handhistories manually. For example i play a hand, the site saves it, i have to click on hand history and then “send to my e mail” and only then i can use it after i got my mail. If you play like thousand hands on multiple tables you can maybee imagine how painful this process is. I want to use this hand histories for studying purposes, but like this this is very difficult.

I was thinking about a “screenshotgrabber” that makes every second or so a screenshot and collects all the info and writes all the needed info down in a text file.
It will look like this in the end:

**** History for hand R5-10679971-585 *****
Start hand: Sun Dec 6 15:23:52 GMT+0000 2009
Table: Monaco [10679971] (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0.25/$0.50, Real money)
User: Player A
Button: seat 8
Players in round: 2
Seat 6: Player A ($50)
Seat 8: Player B ($144.50)
Player B posts small blind ($0.25)
Player A posts big blind ($0.50)

Dealing pocket cards
Dealing to Player A: [9s, 9h]
Player B raises $2.25 to $2.50
Player A raises $7 to $7.50
Player B calls $5
— Dealing flop [2d, 7h, 8c]
Player A bets $15
Player B calls $15
— Dealing turn [8h]
Player A bets $27.50 [all in]
Player B folds

Main pot: $45 won by Player A ($44)
Seat 6: Player A ($71.50), net: +$21.50
Seat 8: Player B ($122), net: -$22.50
***** End of hand R5-10679971-585 *****

And of course this is completly legal before anybody comes and asks this question, because it isn’t a advisor program or so.

Idk if this is too ambitious or even possible for a beginner. But in my mind it isn’t that complicated but we will see.

Let me know what you think.
Thanks guys