Relative path on CSS not showing image on HTML


Hi, I’m a new user in Atom building a new web page.
I was trying to use a background image saved in the same folder as the html and css files, but the image does not display. Any other absolute path works, but I would like to use one of my picture. Can someone explain me why it is not working?

This is how it looks:

h1 {
background-image: url(“C:\Users\marti\Dropbox\Code First Girls\projects\First Site\London_highview.jpg”);
height: 200px;

Also, I can see the image correctly in Atom tree structure and preview.

Thanks for the help!


It would be helpful for you to post a screenshot of the relative path you’re using, as well as the files open in Atom’s tree view so that we can see how the whole thing is put together.