Relationship between (old) linter and (new) diagnostics?


So this morning I upgraded to 1.21 and installed the new atom-ide-ui and ide-typescript packages. I got a pop-up asking whether I wanted to use the Linter or Diagnostics and chose the latter, but it did start me wondering: what is the difference? Will the Linter work be replaced by the new IDE functionality? Or will it be kept to provide the functionality for those who don’t want/need the IDE stuff? I guess you can use both as long as they don’t target the same grammars but I was just curious…


The difference is that the linter packages use different external programs to analyze the code and the atom-ide packages use Language Server Protocol implementations (which are just another, more standardized way of solving the same problem).

I imagine people will use one or the other depending on what they’re familiar with and what they need out of code checking, but at the moment I don’t know of any reason why LSP isn’t an unqualified upgrade.


OK, that makes sense.



sorry, i speak spanish, - i understand a little english, but —
what is better? lintern or diagnostics for a beginner in programming?

  • thanks.


atom-ide-ui's Diagnostics feature works with linter's API, so you probably want to use Diagnostics.


thankyou very much,…

i have installed the diagnostics, but,
but I still do not receive notices, as I did with lintern.

kep going… gg


Then use linter.