Regression of CSS and SCSS suggestions


Since I updated some packages recently, I’m confusing new SCSS suggestions (not by Emmet).

For example, previously I just typed “w”, atom suggested “width:”, not it is “warning”.
I think nobody need “warning” for CSS entry.
Also typing “inc” returned “@include” in old versions, now I get "counter-increment: " which is also useless.

Is it possible to directly edit those suggestions, or revert to previous work?

Thank you.

Currently I use following packages:

  • Sublime Style Column Selection 1.7.4
  • atom-ide-ui 0.9.4
  • editorconfig 2.2.2
  • emmet 2.4.3
  • emmet-snippets-compatibility 1.0.6
  • ide-css 0.3.0
  • ide-html 0.4.2


What autocomplete packages do you have installed? Just the default ones, or others?


I checked which package caused this issue by turning off packages one by one.
It is “autocomplete-snippets” 1.12.0 which is included in the core packages.
Looks like suggestions by this package get higher priority now for some reason, I turned off it and working good again.

Thank you.


I believe that disabling autocomplete-snippets is the correct answer for you, yeah. It’s not an essential package, but I guess some people find it nice.

To make a slightly broader point: in Atom, no package is essential. You can disable or replace find-and-replace if you want. autocomplete-plus includes a few default config packages, but any or all of them can be turned off or replaced. Similarly, if you use Python, you should check out magicpython as a replacement for language-python. Such is the power of Atom.