Regex find bug


If you try to find ^ which is the regex for start of line, it also finds the end of line. The $ char, which is the end of line regex character works as expected.

This was on Windows 7.


Do you have steps to reproduce this? I just searched for ^ using Atom v1.14.0-dev-0d2646f9a on Mac OS X 10.12.2 and in my 70 line file it found 70 occurrences. Each time I clicked “Find Next” it went to the beginning of the next line.


I can replicate. Searching for ^ in v1.12.7 on Windows 10 in my 72-line file returns 143 occurrences, including 5:1 and 5:2 for a comment line that just includes #.


Ah ok, I figured it out and it turns out it is being tracked here:


I was searching for the issue tracker, glad to see its reported already.