Regex find and replace does not work with equal sign

The find and replace feature doesn’t seem to work when an equal (=) sign is involved.

Sample data:

title = {宋明以來華嚴經典在雲南大理的傳播與應用=On the Dissemination and Influence of the Hua-yen School in Dali Yunnan}

title = {晚明義學僧一雨通潤及其稀見著作考述=A Study on Yiyu Tongrun’s Life and Rarely Known Works}

Find regex:

(title =.*)([\p{Han}]+)=([\w\s, \:\-']+)(\})

Replace pattern:


Expected result:

title = {宋明以來華嚴經典在雲南大理的傳播與應用}

title = {晚明義學僧一雨通潤及其稀見著作考述}

x of 34 becomes no result when I hit Replace All.

Thanks for the report - I can reproduce in Atom 1.33.0 and your description looks correct:

Since this looks like a reproducible bug, can you open an issue in with issue template filled out?