Regarding Script package profiles



I am new to Atom and I downloaded the script package.

I have created several profiles using the Configure Run Option. Does anyone knows how to delete the profiles that I had created? I can’t seem to find the delete option.



Do you not see a delete button when you use script:run-with-profile?


Thanks for your reply! No I do not see it. When I pressed “run with profile”, this came out.


Btw, I clicked Packages > Script > Run with profile, then the tiny box came up on top.


That looks like a bug in how the package is displaying. So you can’t access any of your profiles at all?


Yup, I can’t access it any of my profiles that I have saved. Is there anyway I can see my list of profiles on the script config code? Or should I uninstall and install again?


I haven’t found it yet.

Or should I uninstall and install again?

A good next step. If a freshly reinstalled script still doesn’t work for you, then maybe there’s something about your theme or style sheet.


Hmm, it still doesn’t show. This is how I saved it.

Then after that, I just named it python3. But when I pressed “run with profile”, it’s back to the previous picture that I sent.


What happens if you try it with a different theme?


Oh yes! It’s the theme! Omg thanks so much! :slight_smile: