Refactor a name and all its reference in the "project"



Is there a way to rename a file and all its references in other files inside my project?
The same question would raise itself about variables, methods and the like.

Thank you


You could use a basic plugin for this.


I installed it, then went to my file.js and typed

var someName = 4
someName = 10

then moved the cursor to someName and typed ctrl-alt-r to start the renaming, but it did not change the other occurrence. I then installed js-Refactor package for no avail.

Do I need to restart Atom in order to activate the newly installed packages? if not, What am I doing wrong?



You shouldn’t need to if you install the packages from inside the Settings View. If you install packages from the command line, then you’ll need to restart running instances of Atom for them to pick up the new package.