Reduce Keystrokes Needed to Invoke Autocomplete list?


I use a few other editors in conjunction with Atom and I’ve noticed that I need to type in 3 keystrokes with Atom to get the autocomplete list to display, while other editors will invoke the autocomplete list after the first keystroke. Are there any simple fixes to reduce the amount of keystrokes needed to invoke it?


In the settings for the autocomplete-plus package (Settings -> Packages), there’s a minimum length setting. Individual autocomplete provider packages have the ability to override this, so if one language is behaving differently from the others, that’s the individual package.


Thank you very much, I guess I’m still I just didn’t snoop enough into the package settings, I was looking around the core and editor settings, which doesn’t make much sense now. Thank you.


Once you get more used to Atom, you’ll have a good sense for what falls under the scope of packages, including built-in ones. The devs decided to make Atom so radically open that you can disable or replace even the find-and-replace functionality if you really want to.


Yeah, I’m desktop app developer, so I primarily use Xcode, since its a full-blown IDE. Atom is not my primary editor, but I love the concept of it and always update it and use it for other tasks, like editing .gitignore files and whatnot. Because of this, I don’t know Atom as well as I should and I fumble around the settings pages quite a bit. I need to dig more into it. If I knew CoffeeScript at all, I would probably try to tweak it some myself.


I’ve been consistently impressed by how much I can affect by writing five to twenty lines in I stopped counting the number of times someone has asked how to accomplish a task, I took a look at the API docs to check, and within half an hour I had something I didn’t know could be done until I tried to do it. If you identify something that you want to accomplish and come here with specific goals, then there’s a good chance of someone here being able to turn your request into workable CS.


Also don’t forget that if you’re more familiar with JavaScript Atom supports that as well! (init.js)


Thats interesting to know that I have the option, but I’m still stuck. Although, I may be closer to knowing how to write JS than CS. I’m a C++ and C# kind of guy (with a little Python). But it’s good to know that I have options if I decide I want to learn either in order to contribute to the Atom community.


Hello Joe.

You could take those words of @DamnedScholar literally.
Normally there is not much to code to get some functionality.

Perhaps have a look at the public documentation for a taste of what is possible: