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hi. I can’t find nothing about… only about oauth2, which is not my case…

I have an app with electron that loads my index.html no problem, like teached in quick start guide.

So, my app is loaded and I click on a link and load the next page. In this page, I fill a form, click a save button, I persist the data form without problem.

At end, I would like to redirect to my index.html again.

Do I have to use IPC to this? Send a message to main.js to my BrowserWindow variable to loadUrl for my index.html?

Someone has something similar to this? I think it’s the same as window.location after process some javascript logic.

thanks in advance,



hi again.

I got it really using IPC.

I just define on main.js an IPCMain contain may BrowserWindow variable to loadUrl Home Page

And on my Renderer (my page that I have a form and so on) after save and show successfull dialog I just call IPCRenderer to sendo a message.

Like as teached in

Sorry for my doubt it’s not about Atom and more about electron, in case here is not the place for this…

Anyway, thanks guys.

See ya