Redeemed invite on phone, can't download?


I clicked the invite link on my phone, and authorized with GitHub. I don’t see anywhere to download Atom when viewing the page on my phone.

I tried the login link from my laptop, but that doesn’t seem to be implemented yet.

So… how can I actually acquire Atom to try it?

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You have to request access to the beta on, which consists of entering your email.


I was sent an email invite from a GitHubber. I clicked the link on my phone, and authorized with my GitHub account. The page on my phone has no obvious download link

Using my laptop, I visited and tried the “Sign in” link at the bottom of the page. That just reveals a page that says “Soon”. Putting my email into the “Request a beta invite” box tells me that my email is already on the list.

The invite link in my Inbox no longer works because it’s been used.

So, basically, I can’t use Atom. Oh well.



If you authorized with your Github account, scroll to bottom of the page ( and click login. Login with the account you used to authorize. The “request beta” will be replaced by “download” button.

That way you can easily install atom on multiple machines.


I have the same problem (open beta invitation-> Authorized via github -> can’t download), but, for some reason, the “request beta” is still there and there’s no “download” button. I’ve tried everything (cache,cookies, logout/login…) but nothing changes.