Red Wavy Underline


I’m trying to enhance the .misspelling class by using a red wavy underline rather than the dashed underline that is the default. I’ve created the Red Wavy Underline package, but it doesn’t look that great on a dark background. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to make it show up better?

(I’m not the best design guy … :blush:)


I haven’t it tried it yet, but isn’t the red wavy line, unlike in text/word processors, reserved for stuff like dependency resolution issues in code files normally?


I haven’t noticed that as a pattern … then again, I’ve been working in Ruby mostly for the past couple of years, so I haven’t had to deal with dependency resolution issues at least in the editor. But since there is a Spell Check package and it specifically checks the spelling in my Markdown documents for READMEs and CHANGELOGs as well as my Jekyll blog posts, I kind of wanted the visual indicator to be the one I’m used to.


Yea, I might be wrong to generalize it, I just know that Eclipse certainly uses the red wavy lines when it can’t find a method you forgot to import a class for, if you know what I mean.
I don’t have a lot of other references really.

Atom is helping me to change that :wink:


I like the idea, I personally prefer red wavy lines for spelling issues (as in pretty much every spelling I used/know, from oses to softwares) rather than dashed lines (that I associate to hints/acronyms rather than spelling).

About the dark background part of your question, I think the current version is contrasting enough (see screenshots below), but of course it’ll depend on the general tint of the ui and its general contrast (the more the base ui is using contrasted color the less your red will have visual impact).

On a side node, after install I noticed that the dashed-line wasn’t cleared:


A couple of tweaks (removing the border and adding some margin), and this is what I get:


Now if there is a graphical improvement that can be done, it’s to smooth the lines a bit to make it more coherent with the text above.


Can you share or make a Pull Request? That looks much better than what I’ve got currently.

Absolutely, I’m planning on switching to SVG for the image and I hope that will help make it look better rather than a jaggy, pixelated thing.


Done :), maybe there will be a need for an !important keyword on the border-bottom rule, or a more specific rule than .misspelling, I can’t be sure as I tweaked my user stylesheet which is loaded after all packages, if your package is loaded before the spelling package it may not have a priority high enough to override the original style.


Thanks a bunch :beers:

I’ve incorporated your changes, tested and pushed a new version. You’re right, it wasn’t the dark background at all :blush: