Red Popup - "Uncaught Error"


Why does atom pop up the red popups saying “Uncaught Error”?

For regular Atom users (not developing packages) there is very little they can do. The github issue creation is a cool feature, but really not worth sacrificing the user stoping what theyr’e doing and ruining their workflow.


In the case above. There is nothing I can do.


  1. It should just silently auto send or “+1” to developers.
  2. The issue has already been created so why does it pop up again?
  3. It keeps popping up after I’ve already acknowledged that there’s not much I can do. (The really bad part)
  4. It’s funny because Atom kind of just keeps on working regardless in 99% of the cases.

Is there anyway i can turn this off for non atom -d instances?


One thing that is often important is that they can add information about what they were doing that might have triggered the issue. Getting a solid repro is always a challenge with a project as large as this and cross-platform to boot!

There’s definitely room for improvement in the notification though :grinning:


Yeah, I suppose my biggest (only?) real grievance is the repeated nature of it. We should find a way to do it only once per user.


Or perhaps a “Don’t show me this issue again” checkbox?


Also, it’d be cool if it could just auto submit non sensitive (not sure that’s possible?) last few steps actions in addition to the stack trace. Just keep some rolling buffer or something.


right, but why wouldn’t that be the default?


It does that if it has that information:

See the Commands section.


If I’m a developer and that is my package that is throwing the error :laughing:


Honestly a feedback is important.
If you ask to do something, and it just silently fail, user will not understand, retry, get frustrated etc.

An ordinary user can disable the package, find another way to acheive X, downgrade atom etc.
And if you have additional information, by all mean contribute to the issue.


Oh, so I meant a little more than just the current stack trace, but like some previous actions. It does that?


From the Issue I linked above:

Yes, the notifications package does this automatically. @mark_hahn wrote this for my bug-report package originally.


I understand what you’re saying in theory, and I agree. But in the case listed above there is no more action to be taken. And even if there was, once is enough.

To your point though, maybe it needs to be just less intrusive like errors collected on the bottom, it shouldn’t stop users input though.


@leedohm That is AWESOME. Never realized that was in there.


BTW, What’s the history of that package. It was pulled into core right?

Or, is what I’m seeing the bug-report package :blush:

There’s also “exception-reporting” in core… I’ve definitely gotten reports from it btw, I just thought it was part of core, but apparently I forgot I installed it at one point!

So in conclusion is all my fuss over your package? If so I was completely confused!


Depending on your definition of “pulled into core” maybe :grinning: The uncaught exception behavior (in the notifications package) reused a lot of the code from my bug-report package. But I still feel that there should be a standardized bug reporting system for Atom to cut down on the number of times I have to expand my snippet:

Have you followed the suggestions in the Debugging document? Also, could you give the following information?

  • Which version of Atom are you using?
  • What OS and version are you running?
  • Do you have Emmet installed?
  • Can you reproduce the issue after completely exiting Atom and restarting using atom --safe?

The default-installed exception-reporting package is for reporting through GitHub’s standard internal support tools, I believe.


Sorry Lee, just to clarify,

The red image from above is in core or I wouldn’t see the pop up if bug-report package was installed?

If bug-report then maybe I can experiment in a pull request with the defaulted checkbox if already submitted idea?


The red image from above is created partially by the default-installed notifications package and also partially from the NotificationManager and Notification classes in core. So if you wanted to change the behavior of that dialog, you would submit your PR to those locations.