Red dots on the left side


noob alert!
I have several red dots to the left of many codes lines, in a vertical column. E.g to the left of a simple

element. What the heck are they? I couldn’t figure it out, no link on them, I couldn’t even google it or find here. The codes work OK (no error in the console), but these dots are irritating.


That looks simply dreadful.
Too bad there is no screen capture picture to show the others.


I have many red dots like here, in JS codes, the codes are working, no errors.
I found the linter error descriptions at the bottom, but I don’t understand them. Mostly about “invalid qoute marks”. But what? I cant see any, and the codes are working properly.
An image is attached, I hope it goes through:


These linter errors are mostly about proper code styling.
I.e. the linter expects single quotes (') instead of double quotes (") on strings.


This is a case where Googling the error would have saved a lot of time. The query “jscs invalid quote mark” brings up this page immediately.


I’m a bit surprised these are listed as errors, not warnings. Most JavaScript linters suggest using single quotes over double quotes (while, oddly enough, about every code example in books and on the internet uses double quotes). Technically, it makes no difference and stylistically it’s subjective, but of course it helps you write in a consistent style.

We have a proverb that goes something like this: the standard of any language is defined by the region with the strongest army. It’s kind of the same with linter presets :wink:

You can disable any JSCS rule you don’t agree with by putting it in a .jscsrc (example).


Yep, I also learned that using single or double quote marks don’t really matter in JS (you properly close them, of course), so these error messages are like when a plugin (i.e. its programmer) wants to be smarter than the world.
Anyway, I adjust and will use primarily single quote marks in Atom. Thx for the replies.


Those errors aren’t about individual hubris. There are communities in every language that are concerned about the style in which the language is written and make style guides. You are using JSCS to check your code, and thus you are opting in to have your style criticized according to the JSCS guide.