Recursive snippets


It doesn1t work for me, but I’m just wondering if Atom supports that or if it’s even possible.
I mean:

  • I write the snippet initiator, and press tab
  • I’m now on the first editable field for that snippet (${1}).
  • I write another snippet initiatior and press tab


It works for me. I tested with

  'Simple Snippet':
    prefix: 'snip'
    body: 'Snippet power! $1 <- Write here.'


My case is perhaps related to context and keyboard, as in:

	prefix: "ifset"
	body: "if (isset(${1})) {${2}}"
	description: "if isset"

When I’m in $1, I can’t fill it with another snippet prefix, because tab would switch to $2 from first snippet.


You have to be at the last tab stop to insert a new snippet with tab. However, you could try this:

body: "if (isset(${2})) {${1}}"


Thank you. The autocomplete-snippets package was the culprit of me thinking about the possibility of recursion.