Rectangular selection of text (copy, cut, paste, shift)


One of my uses of another Windows editor before I moved to Linux has a feature that works as follows.
How can I do the following?

Using a control-key combination,

  • select and mark a continguous rectangular area in the text document
  • treat the marked area as a single text entity
  • allow a “left, right, up down” shift of the marked area (with undo) . Respect the margins.
  • allow copy, paste, (with undo)
  • allow cut paste, (with undo)
  • delete marked (with undo)
  • If pasting overflows the bottom of the document, extend the number of lines to the document
  • if shifting the marked area, left, move the text columns as appropriate. (the text beneath flows to the right of the shifted amount). Do similarly if shifting to the right.
  • If cutting out the marked rectangle, shift the lines to the right over to the left by the width of the rectangle.
  • Unselect marked rectangle with control key or by selecting a new rectangular area).


As in you can type inside it and it reflows within itself?


This is a duplicate of a previous, now closed, topic:

You may want to try the sublime-style-column-selection package.

If you have something new to contribute to the discussion, I may consider reopening the original. Though honestly at 114 posts of which the summarization algorithm considers approximately 25 of them “interesting”, I’m not sure what else there is to say.