Recommended packages to use for python / c++ / javascript developement?


EDIT: my os is windows 10

I would like to receive recommendations about packages for working with each of the following languages. What im looking for are some basic ide-like features (Reference find, goto definition, word completion…)

The setups i found are either python-ide, or to install the packages python-tools,autocomplete-python and script.
Which one do you prefer? why? any other setup?

EDIT: my os is wondows 10

Any package made for it seems to be in very early developement.
I saw platformio-ide supports it, but this ide is ment for embedded developement, which im currently not interested in.

I got ide-typescript. im very new to JS so i dont really know what ill need.

And beside those specific languages, what IDE package would you recommend to work with? Atom-ide? Maybe platformio-ide configured as a non-embedded development environment?

BTW, im just starting to check any package i have mentioned, so your knowledge could save me a lot of time.


You don’t say what platform you are running on.

Here’s what I use for Linux C++ development

  • atom-ctags
  • build
  • build-tools
  • language-cpp14
  • linter-clang
  • you-complete-me

The build/build-tools packages let me have multiple make files per project (and also to share make files between projects) and easily select among available build configurations.

You-complete-me (which requires the vim youcompleteme plug-in to be installed) gives usable auto-completion suggestions for C++ work. I find autocomplete-clang to be too slow.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, i will look those up

anyone else?