'Recent Projects' start screen

I’m looking for a package that displays a start screen of my Recent Projects (as otherwise displayed in File > Reopen Project). Similar to how browsers can display a start page of your recent tabs - a grid of icons or thumbnails that you can click to go back to immediately.

I’d like to run Atom, and have it open to a screen displaying a grid (likely just text) of my recent projects. That way, I can click once on a big box in the middle of the screen to reopen a recent project, rather than clicking twice and navigating the menus to do the same.

Are there any packages like this already? I’ve tried searching but everything seems to revolve around using commands to do things. I’d prefer a simple grid UI.
If no packages like this exist, would anyone be interested in creating one?

Found what I wanted: https://atom.io/packages/recent-projects
Suits my needs perfectly!