Rearrange Status Bar to the Bottom Panel



Is there a way to customize Atom so the Status Bar is shown in the bottom of the Atom window, instead of the bottom of the Editor? I’m not a DOM expert so I don’t know if I can rearrange the panes that it defines.

The Status Bar shows a lot of useful information, icons, notes, but the choice to be below the Editor and show the file path are a bit strange :confused:

Thanks in advance

How to customize status-bar on ui themes?

You can paste this into your styles.less:

@import "ui-variables";

.tree-view-resizer {
  height: calc(~"100% - " (@component-line-height + 1px));

status-bar {
  position: fixed;
  bottom: 0;
  left: 0;
  right: 0;
  background-color: @tool-panel-background-color;


Hmm, this is actually an interesting enhancement idea - I hadn’t even noticed until now that the status bar doesn’t run across the whole window :grin:. Would you mind opening an issue on


Thanks @olmokramer, it worked :slight_smile: But appears that the same technique used for the .tree-view-resizer needs to be applied to the right panels, because the status bar is staying over the text and the vertical scroll from the editor is over the status bar. And also, if you open the Find and Replace panel, the File/directory editor is also below the status bar.

I also added an issue, as suggested by @mnquintana, thanks.


Right, I forgot about the other panels. I think applying the height to the atom-workspace element in general should fix those problems altogether:

atom-workspace {
  height: calc(...);


You are the man @olmokramer :smiley:!!!



I don’t know why exactly, but Atom workspace is divided in a horizontal panel and then in vertical panels (see image below). That’s why a top or bottom panel can never stretch fully to the left and right.


Yes, I noted that structure. That’s why I was so impressed by @olmokramer answer. It simply ignores this limitation and now I have a fully stretched status bar :smile:.

I added an issue to status bar package, as advised by @mnquintana, but I guess that in fact they will need to talk to the core team, to rearrange the core structure, to be able to handle it nativelly.


Isn’t the status bar package a core package? If the repo is owned by the atom user then it is in core.


Yes, it is the core package. But I don’t know how the Atom development is organized, so I supposed that there are different teams working on it. If not, it will be easier to do :smile:


There is only one team of github employees. I would assume most packages are maintained by one team member.

Full width status bar

Re: original topic: Rearrange Status Bar to the Bottom Panel.

Now that we have Top and Bottom Bar APIs (see this should be much easier to do. Somebody should look into it.


GitHub issue:


Thanks for the link. The functionality was recently merged, but it is not available in 1.6. It will be officially added in 1.8. I used apm install status-bar to test it out.


By the way, we don’t recommend people do this on a regular basis or for an extended period. It’s fine to try out things like this, but often bleeding edge packages contain functionality that is tied in with a change to Atom Core and can cause bad things to happen if installed in this way.

It is much safer (admittedly though not as easy) to build from source.