Real time variable inspection



Light Table ( has a feature with which you can inspect JavaScript variables in real time. There’s a video here, starting at 01:25:

Does Atom have something at least close to that?


If you’re talking about JavaScript variables in Atom itself, then yes. You can use the Developer Tools to inspect Atom’s current state. If you’re talking about monitoring the state of some JavaScript running in some other process, then no, not built in to Atom.


I don’t know of any packages that replicate the functionality. That’s something unique to Light Table that could be developed for Atom (Light Table’s source is open, so someone skilled at translating Clojure to JS might not have a hard time, but I know zilch about Clojure), but is definitely a selling point for LT unless it catches on and every JavaScript editor picks up the feature.

There’s a package inspired by the inline results display of Light Table, hydrogen, and it can be used for some of the same things, but it’s more limited in that it won’t give you live updates about a currently running program.