React-native Customize theme


I’m from vscode editor due to the vscode consuming lot of memory past few days so I switched to Atom and Syntax editor color is new and hard to adopt thats why I installed the dark+ theme
its look similar to my vscode theme except for color of closing tags
like the code below . What i want to achieve is change the color of “Container,sampletags” tags and other tags using the styles.less
but I didn’t know the exact selector variable for it.
I appreciate your help thank you

	return (
		<Container >
<sampletag />


Atom is built on the same foundation as VS Code, and is not known for it’s small memory footprint.


Thanks I did compared the VS and atom and it seems that atom consumed less memory than vscode


Up, I need help thanks


@amcharles777, I’m guessing you might have already tried something like this:
.syntax–meta.syntax–arguments.syntax–js {
color: #d14;
That should target the tags but also ends up targeting other elements.

Nuclide seems to resolve the issue very nicely though:

It’s easily found in the Atom extension installer by searching for “nuclide”. And it seems to be the official React Native IDE. It definitely handles the syntax highlighting better than Atom does natively.