Re-open in DevMode?


Since I’m not sure whether the following can be done in a (community) package, I’m posting this as a feature request.

I don’t know about others, but about every time I’m using the Open in Dev Mode feature, I wish there would simply be the option to re-open the current window/project in developer mode. Instead, when I work on files from my Atom packages, I end up at the point where I want to edit them in developer mode (e.g. for debugging: console.log "Debug" if atom.inDevMode()) and browsing for the folder I want to edit takes considerable extra steps.

Writing these lines, I’m not even sure on which other occasion I (or anybody) would ever use DevMode differently. Anyway, having a extra dialog to reload the current window is DevMode would be very welcome.


It can be done via a package (or just an script), but I think it’d be preferable to have it added to the Developer menu for everyone.


Hmm, I guess the answer is somewhere between ipcRenderer.send("call-window-method", "reload") and ipcRenderer.send('command', 'application:open-dev') , but that’s getting a bit over my head. Let’s hope this will become a feature :grin:


You’re over-thinking it. All you need to open a new window in dev mode is, sending it the currently open set of paths. You can then atom.close() the current one.


Thank you! Hope this becomes an official feature, but since I needed wanted this for my package-developer-toolbar, I created a package.


I know of this issue to add reopen in dev mode as a core feature, would also like to see it added.