Re-open Atom With Previously Opened Files?


Is there a way to make Atom open with whatever files you had open when you closed it, even if the files aren’t all associated with a single project? I’m using Atom more as my go-to ASCII editor than a programming environment per-se. If I have multiple unrelated files open in different tabs and quit Atom, I’d like to have all those files open when I start Atom again. I’ve checked the “Restore Previous Windows on Start” checkbox in the Core settings but that doesn’t do the trick. Can this be done? Thanks.


Atom remembers files open based on the paths of the set of top-level folders open in the tree view. It shouldn’t discriminate based on where individual files are, so as long as the target is the same or it’s opened with no target. So if you start Atom with the target as something vague like your user folder, that should be easy to maintain.