Raygun plugin to show production errors inside Atom


Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to share the plugin we have written for Atom & Raygun.io.

How it works:

  • Have an account with http://raygun.io that’s tracking your software errors
  • Install the Atom plugin & set your API key
  • Select the application you’re monitoring that you want the active error groups from
  • A pane appears showing the top 20 distinct error groups
  • Double clicking on the error group takes you to the file to make the fix

What’s still to be done:

  • Pull more than 20 distinct errors
  • There’s an issue in Atom at present where setting the line number to go to doesn’t seem to cause the editor to jump to that location. Hopefully not us just making a mistake!

Announcement blog post

I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

John-Daniel Trask