Raptor Html Editor in Atom



I am a bit new to Atom, but it seems pretty great!
I would use this Raptor HTML Editor with in Atom, but don’t want to modify my html pages to include the script as is done here;

Essentially I would like to have a key command pop open a window like the Markdown Preview with the html editable (and synchronizing on to the disk) and the raptor toolbar on top and useable.

Has someone already done this?
If not is there a good tutorial on writing plugins for Atom somewhere?



To my knowledge, nobody has built a WYSIWYG HTML editor package for Atom.

You can find a tutorial for creating Atom packages in the Flight Manual under the Hacking Atom section:



Thanks! I will read that sometime this week.



Ok, I did a bit of research and it looks like it would make more sense to build a WYSIWYG HTML editor in Atom directly from scratch. If I were going to attempt this (which I’m not at least any time soon) I would;

  1. Start with the source code for the Markdown Preview
  2. Add something similar to the Firefox Inspector
  3. Drive most of the edits through the right click context menu, and popup dialog boxes (for inserting text).