Random crashes, Blank files after reinstall


Hey guys! First time posting here but having some major troubles with Atom and using any other editor just feels wrong.

Key Info
OS: Windows 10
Pre-update version: Atom 1.6.0
Post-update version: Atom 1.6.1

Coming back to work on Tuesday atom had auto-updated I believe to 1.6.1, This caused issues where the application would hang for 30-40 seconds upon basically any action, maybe get as far as clicking a button for it to hang again.

As you can imagine, hard to develop anything! So I completely uninstalled everything, removed all traces from %appdata% and my user folder (.atom - This is backed up) - I reinstalled a fresh copy of 1.6.1 from the site, everything seemed to be working, until I added a project folder and opened a file… Blank. Nothing, Nada. Even stranger, if I then close atom, relaunch, close the file and undo the close tab, it has it’s contents… But no other file does.

Again, after this I removed all traces again and installed 1.6.0 with no luck resolving the issue, followed by trying out the 1.7.0 beta 3

Any recommendations to resolving this would be great.



Are your projects on a network drive? There have been issues reported recently about the latest stable version having problems with accessing stuff on network drives.

I would also try:

  1. Completely exiting all instances of Atom
  2. Moving or deleting the %USERPROFILE%\.atom\storage directory
  3. Restarting Atom using atom --safe