Quotes and U.S. International - PC keyboard layout


I use the “U.S. International - PC” keyboard layout, so that quotes, double quotes and a few other keys have a special behaviour: when followed by a modifiable key, they translate in just one single character (accented letters, ñ, ç, etc.); when followed by a non modifiable key, they translate in two characters, as they would with a standard US keyboard; when followed by a space, they just translate in a single char, without space.

On most editors, pressing 'space I end up with the cursor between two adjacent quotes; on Atom, instead, I end up with the cursor after the quotes. While this may be mildly annoying, what follows is worse (I’m sorry, I have no idea how to create a table or make it more readable in some other way):

Normal behaviour (e.g. on iTerm, browsers, the like) :
-> '

'e -> é

'f -> 'f

Common behaviour on text editors when editing code:

-> '

'e -> é

'f -> 'f'

Atom behaviour:

-> ''

'e -> 'é'

'f -> ''f'


For further context around the issue, this has been reported previously and a potential fix has been described here.

Thanks for the elegant write-up, giorgian!


Thank you, I hadn’t seen that topic.

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