Quitting Atom no longer asks to save changes? How to get that back?


I think since the latest update, when editting a git commit message and pressing ⌘Q it no longer asks me to save the changes like it used to do.

Git aborts the commit because of an empty commit message. I commit again, the comment I just editted is still there pending, and when I press ⌘W to close the file, then it does ask to save changes, I click yes and quit, then it works.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t change any settings. But I looked around in Atom’s configuration and couldn’t find any setting to fix this.

Is there a way to have Atom behave like it used to: when quitting (with ⌘Q or clicking Atom > Quit or anything) and there’s unsaved changes, ask it to Save / Don’t Save / Cancel, instead of quitting immediately (and storing the pending changes at some unknown location) ?



No, there isn’t a way to turn this behavior off. When you quit, Atom’s current state is saved in the ~/.atom/storage directory. This includes any open files.


That is a little annoying to be honest. Would be great if this can be a tuneable option.

Of course there is a way to easily open the stored files from the files window?


When you open the same project, the files and all their unsaved state is restored. The project in Atom is defined as the set of root paths when Atom is closed.


What if it’s just notes that are not related to a project?


We’re aware of that use case. Right now, we don’t have a good answer for it. I’ve captured that as one of the points here: