Quiting Atom without saving


Hi guys,
Awesome piece of software. I just installed it and like it very much. I used Sublime Text until now, and I was wondering on a feature that’s useful for me.
Whenever I quit Sublime Text, I don’t have to save any work I’ve done since opening it. It’s very convenient for me as many times I find myself using the app for quick notes etc…
As I understand it, on each new project Sublime Text makes temp files somewhere so I can resume my work without having to save/load beforehand.
Is there any option that would allow me to do this with Atom?


Atom does automatically remember your unsaved files. You just have to have an open project path in order for them to be preserved, and when you reopen that project path, those same files will be restored. The fact that Atom forgets what was open when you don’t have a project folder is considered a known bug and there’s an open issue about it (see below). However, it’s intentional that unsaved files are linked to project path and only restored when you reopen the same folder, so if you intend to frequently use Atom for a note-taking purpose, I would suggest that you use your user folder as a “resting” project for miscellaneous files to be associated with. You can use a shortcut according to your system/workflow or a project management package to easily switch to your user folder.


Great, I’ll set it up.