Quickly open ignored files without always searching them


I am sort of frustrated with how the “exclude VCS ignored paths” option works. My context here is a Node app, which has node_modules in .gitignore.

On the one hand, “exclude ignored” is a great default, and I like how those paths are greyed out in the tree view. And most of the time, I just want to search my app code, not all the modules, so that works well too.

But sometimes, I do want to search the modules. And also I often want to open a file in the modules directory, and I’d like to be able to go to it with ⌘T. It’s annoying to have to open the settings view to flip this.

The way I solved this in Sublime was: the quick-open-file thing just always included modules, which was fine; and my default project-search had an exclude pattern that excluded modules. If I ever wanted to search modules, I just removed the exclude pattern.

Potential solutions:

  • I could do the same thing in Atom if the project search supported exclude patterns. It doesn’t seem to.
  • Alternately, it would solve my problem if “include/exclude .gitignored files” was a quick toggle right in the project search UI, and also maybe in the fuzzy finder. That might be a nicer solution.

Hope that is helpful feedback, let me know if anything is not clear.


I have the same problem and wishes (on node projects, mostly): I want to exclude ignored files from search and I don’t want them up in the list when quickly finding files; I’d like, though, to be able to access them when I really really want to.

I was going to post a new topic before finding this one.
Some proposals:

  • keep everything as is, but don’t exclude ignored files from TreeView, or have a switch in TreeView to make excluded paths appear;

  • have a switch in the ⌘T panel to include (just once) ignored files;

  • have a totally different way to find ignored files.