Quick start for Atom, Git AND Github integration?


I’m trying to move from Notepad++ and non-Git working, to a proper grown-uo Atom + private Github repo workflow.

I’ve setup Github, paid my sub, downloaded and installed the latest Atom and… now what?

I read http://flight-manual.atom.io/using-atom/sections/github-package/#initialize-repositories but there’s a missing link, or a lot of assumed knowledge.

I found this issue on github github/issues/932, from which I figured out the following:

cd C:\Users\jonski\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.20.0-beta7\resources\app\node_modules\dugite\git\mingw64\bin
git.exe config --global user.email "you@example.com"
git.exe config --global user.name “Your Name”

But, unless I’ve missed a doc somewhere… how do I link it to my Github repo? Could do with some newbie help here, please. I’m OK once pointed in the right direction, it’s just that there’s a signpost missing!


The github package does not appear to be intended as a complete replacement for the normal command-line git functionality, because there are some things missing (like the config functionality that you had to reach deep into Atom’s node_modules/ to use). I strongly recommend using GitKraken for your repo management, as it has a strong visual language and makes the difficult parts of git (navigating branches) much easier. I have used git-scm.com to learn about the CLI features of git.

On the command line,

git remote add origin https://github.com/user.name/repo.name

Part of why I suggest GitKraken is that it has a “:cloud: REMOTE” sidebar. You press the green + button and type in your URL.


Many thanks that’s very helpful and I will try that out tomorrow. But I wonder if you agree that there is indeed a bit of a knowledge gap in the documentation around this, or is it just me not rtfm-ing hard enough?


I agree. Atom is not an editor designed with newbies in mind, and it may be that the designers of the github package were working under the assumption that everyone would already have git set up on their machines.