Questions on Atom's Version Timeline and Release Cycle


I was looking through some older posts and saw versions 1.8 and 1.9. What are these versions referring to? I just updated Atom 5 minutes ago to version 1.15.0. Are these versions referring to maybe development on other systems?

Also, what is frequency of updates with Atom? I’ve been using Atom on and off for about a year now, but since the updated performance boost, I’ve entirely ruled all other editors out for simple stuff (can’t toss my IDE), and I’m curious how frequent the updates are. Features updates vs bug updates?

Thank you all very much.


Atom follows the Semantic Versioning system.

We don’t have a dedicated release cadence. We release new versions when they’re ready.

We don’t follow any sort of tick-tock system. We release features and bug fixes when they’re done. We do our best to prioritize things in a reasonable manner with regressions and data loss taking the highest priority, followed by performance and then everything else based on user pain and need.