Questions about update checking?

  1. Every day I launch Atom, and there’s little notification in the status line that is bugging to install updates. I install them, but the next day it’s the same.
    How can I change update checking interval? 2 weeks would be perfect.

  2. It doesn’t seem to notify that update to Atom itself is available. Can it be done?
    I downloaded .deb package and therefore my system doesn’t handle program updates itself.


Currently Atom only automatically checks for package updates on window load - it’s not by any time interval. I’m not sure that this will change though - the Atom community moves far too quickly, and giving the option to withhold updates that long would make it too easy to fall dangerously behind, I think.

Not yet for Linux, unfortunately :confused: - you can track for updates though.


Thank you for your reply. What do you mean by dangerously? What is the danger?

There are people who prefer stability (LTS releases etc.) over bleeding edge.

When notification is displayed every day, it takes my focus from work to the application. In time, there is a chance I’ll learn to ignore it altogether. Interval option would solve this :smile:

I think it would also go great with the motto:

Atom - (…) a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file


Even LTS releases are updated regularly for security and bug fixes. The dangers are:

  1. Your packages can become out of date in comparison with Atom, causing subtle or not-so-subtle bugs
  2. Your packages could have bugs that have been fixed in newer releases

As a package author, I have spent a not-insignificant amount of time dealing with issues that were simply that the person was not using the latest version of my package.

As to changing the interval option, a Pull Request is always welcome. You could even create a package that hides the notification except for once every two weeks :smile:


Pull request or new package is currently beyond my skills :frowning:

But I’ve created new issue. I understand package’s author point of view. On the other side there are people with “deadline tommorow”, that need stable editor with bugs familiar to them. New releases bring bug and security fixes, but also new features and new bugs (sometimes more severe).

IMHO new option would please both groups, as default setting could iterval could be 24 hours :smile: