Question related to 'Project' label from Tree View



I recently updated my atom to the latest version (v. 1.20.1), the previous version I used was a very old one, something around ~ v. 1.12.
It really feels much faster and responsive than the old one, even in large files that previous version could not handle and crash.

Question: Is it possible to remove the ‘Project’ label from the tree view?


I only want to see the project/folder name like my previous atom version.

Found this image on Google, but it describes what I want link

Sorry for the stupid question, but I would really like to know if its possible :slight_smile:

Thank you!


The tab isn’t just arbitrary; it’s there because of the new docks system. The tree view is the default item in the left dock, but you can put other things there too. If you plan on keeping the tree view in the left dock and don’t want anything else there, you can hide the tab bar with the following styles.less rule:

atom-dock.left .tab-bar {


Thank you, it did the trick!