Question about "Save As" behavior


If I am focused on a file that exists, and hit “Command + Shift + S”, the desired function is “Save this file as something else.”

However, when the file dialog box appears, it is not in the directory that this focused file exists in.

Is this Atom behavior, or OSX behavior?

I usually use this method to duplicate a template or standard file and save it as something else in the same directory. I know that I can just right click and select “Duplicate” to achieve the same effect, but sometimes this is annoying as the “Rename file” popdown window doesn’t scroll to the end and I can’t see what I’m typing.

I’m just mostly curious if this is something Atom is doing, or if it’s being caused by OSX.


Hey @nessthehero,

There are some problems with the Save As dialog that were introduced in Atom 1.15. The dialog should open in the folder of the file you are saving. This issue has already been fixed on master and should be included in the next hotfix release.


Excellent! I knew I wasn’t crazy. Thanks!


Looks like this is fixed in 1.16.0! Yay!