Question about patches from github


I reported an issue about syntax coloring on scss files on the github repo, and someone fixed it right away (thanks)

My question is, when do these changes make their way into Atom releases, or is it something I need to do on my end?

Specifically, there were edits to scss.cson and


According to this commit:

The fix is in v0.19.0. And according to this commit:

The update to v0.19.0 for Atom is in v0.124.0. So, have you updated to the latest released version of Atom yet?


Yes, I updated to 124. Hard to tell if it’s fixed, though, as I still see this:

text-decoration should be an attribute, but the “text” part is treated like a tag and the “decoration” is ignored.


I logged a further issue,


You should be very specific about what it is you want fixed. You’re doing well in your bug reports in identifying what is wrong … but looking at your two bug reports, it isn’t completely clear what you want to happen. There are two best practices for reporting bugs that you might find helpful:

  1. Minimum reproducible case
  2. Steps to reproduce

Minimum Reproducible Case

This is boiling down the bug to it’s smallest possible representation. For the new bug, it would seem to be:

text-align: left;

You don’t want to confuse the issue with whitespace between the attribute name and the colon. You want to direct attention to the bug with no distractions.

Steps to Reproduce

When describing behavior that is undesirable, you should have very specific steps that reproduce the bug every time (or very, very nearly so) and then finish with what is expected and what is actually happening. For example:

  1. Open Atom
  2. Create a new SASS file
  3. Enter the text: text-align: left;

Expected: The text text-align to be classified as
Actual: The text text is classified as and -align is not classified

Being very clear like this helps the person fix what is actually the problem in your eyes.

Hope this helps!

Edit: Also added a link to this post from the Best Practices FAQ.

FAQ: Best Practices
Struggling with ctags
Archived FAQs (see FAQ category for all current FAQs)

Generally, it’s always helpful to imagine reporting the issue to someone who has no idea what you’re talking about, who can’t read your mind so doesn’t know what you were trying to do and what you expected, and who will need some pandering first by wrapping it all in the applicable context.