Question about ide-java and atom-ui-ide packages


Hi there, I am currently using atom for java…
And as I use the ide for java like ide-java and atom-ui-ide, I figured that diagnostics panel is very useful.
But there is no console or terminal in the bottom so I could use it as console…
So the question is that:
Is there way to add terminal in diagnostics pop-up pane?
Like when I open the file, I would get automatic terminal panel next to diagnostics.

I see I could do that by dragging terminal next to diagnostics tab but it does not stay where it was whenever I restart atom and its path does not correspond to the file I am using…


It’s hard to tell you anything about the terminal package you’re using unless you tell us which one it is.


Um… no, i am just using the terminal that atom-ui-ide provides.


Ah, I understand now. And based on some research I just did, I think you should wait for the next version of the package. This is a file from the current release of the terminal module (it’s not just a file, it’s essential to the process of opening the terminal). If you take a look at the most recent version of that module, you’ll find that that whole file is gone, replaced by another one that’s much shorter. I’m not going to try to explain everything that’s going on because I’d half-ass it, but the summary is that the new version should be amenable to being controlled via'atom://nuclide-terminal-view', {location: 'bottom'}), while the current version gives me an error that leads me right back to the thick tangle that is that first file. I don’t know if the current GitHub master branch is stable, but it’s use at your own risk until it gets stamped for release.


Oh, thank you very much for your effort on researching!
Guess I have to wait until next version comes out…
I tried to look at the modules and understand where the terminal gets located but I had no idea of those files’ saying…
Anyway, thank you very much @DamnedScholar!!


Here’s how the terminal gets opened in the new version. TERMINAL-URI leads back to here. It’s interesting to note that the file also says that the default location is bottom, so maybe the next version will automatically open the terminal in the bottom dock unless you tell it to do otherwise. The current version of the same setting is 'pane'.

I did a little more research and uncovered this commit message, which led me to test'atom://nuclide-terminal-view/?command=', {location: 'bottom'}), which works (just enter that into your dev tools console or run it anywhere in and it will make a terminal for you in the bottom dock). What doesn’t seem to work is the cwd setting, but based on what else I’ve seen with this package, I think the upcoming release will be easier to wrangle in that respect as well.


I tried it by just writing what you just wrote but the terminal panel opens whenever I reload the atom… (I think I get why it happens but I do not know how to fix…:frowning:)


Where and how did you use it?

the terminal panel opens whenever I reload the atom

If you put code in, it will be run whenever an Atom window loads. So how do you keep code from being run until you tell it to? You add a command. It sounds like you might like a keybinding that will open both the diagnostics and terminal tabs at the same time. You can do something like this:

atom.commands.add 'atom-workspace', 'custom:open-ide-ui', (evt) ->
  atom.commands.dispatch, 'diagnostics:toggle-table''atom://nuclide-terminal-view/?command=', {location: 'bottom'})


I putted the code in


Then where should I add it to?


never mind I did it


You can make Atom do a lot for you with about that amount of code or a little more. Most of the time, you’ll put it in, but as you grow with Atom you might decide to make a package of your own. Atom is almost all JavaScript, so your code can see and touch a lot of different things that you might not expect.