Q: Kernels for Literate Programming in Python available in Atom?


Are there any kernels for Literate Programming in Python available in Atom? Exactly like Sweave but for python?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Update: My apologies to the author of pweave - I removed part of this posting made in ignorance to prevent confusion.

P.S. I do know about markdown and jupyter notebook - very nice, but not the same thing as Sweave.


The latex package supports knitr, Pweave, literate Haskell and literate Agda. The DiCy builder also supports PythonTeX.

And Pweave does a lot more then just syntax highlighting. It can also access other Jupyter kernels.


Thx. Is there a package that doesn’t require command line stuff? A package that would, upon my keyboard command, render a file (i.e. pweave aka pmd) I’m working on in the left pane and display it rendered in the right pane - like Markdown Preview does with md files? That’s all I want.

P.S. The other problem is endemic lack of printing support in Atom - especially for preview pane. I’ve tried print-code and it works only for the primary pane and not for the output/preview one - thus I cannot even print (i.e. to pdf printer) rendered markdown. That’s probably fine with software developers that don’t pdf-print much, but for DS/STEM that’s almost an everyday work - getting, documenting, and presenting results.


The process-palette package is good for automating command line stuff, in the case that you’re stuck with having to use it.


The latex package builds Pweave without command line interaction. Should all be explained in the README.


I do understand that it is not a classic command line, but since there’s no live preview of rendered pweave file (pmd) in Atom (e.g. what Markdown Preview does), then there’s no difference in results from running the same thing from the command line. Moving some command into Atom, is appreciated, but it is just a convenience - nothing more.


Preview is accomplished with pdf-view or various other supported viewers. Detailed in the README and in the wiki.


I know about atom-html-preview and pdf-view from pweave docs, so the following questions remain:

  1. will these not lock the file being previewed, so that regenerating the same file would not be blocked?
  2. will these previewers automatically reload the file after it’s been updated behind the scenes - 2nd, 3rd, nth time?

If so, then we are getting somewhere.

In other words, that would allow the following workflow:

  1. I work on a pweave file, (manual part)
  2. execute some keyboard command to generate pdf from it behind the scenes (manual part)
  3. display generated pdf in a preview pane (right pane) using pdf-view for the 1st time (manual part),
  4. once I update the same pweave file and regenerate the same pdf behind the scenes again and again, pdf-view automatically displays the updated (latest) version. (automatic part!)

Is the workflow I just described supported by pdf-view?
Same question for atom-html-preview if html is used as generated output?