Python3 pip install and pyls

I am using the packages ide-python and atom-ide-ui
I keep receiving the red alert in Atom (install pyls 0.19)
(python -m pip install ‘python-language-server[all]’)

I installed python3
I followed the instruction but nothing change
Is there any solution?

What operating system are you on? What do you see when you run python --version?

I’m on Mac.

I see version 2 !!! I installed version 3

But you had Python 2 installed already, because you’re on Mac. You can use pyenv to manage different versions, or force Python 3 to be the default by editing your PATH variable so that the Python 3 folder comes before the Python 2 folder.

I don’t know how to do that

How can I change the path, please?
Or how I use pyenv?

Can you link a website have a solution?

Still not changing to version3 and stuck in version2!

Have you considered that spamming the thread will not make people return to the computer or forum any faster and might reflect negatively on you?

Google has that covered better than I could.

Or how I use pyenv?

The link I posted has documentation on how to use pyenv.

I made (python – version) show 3.7.2
but still the package of Atom asking for pyls, and the red alert showing ?

Now you need to install the package for Python 3. You did it for Python 2 previously, because you used the default python command. Since 3 is now the default, you can run it again, then the package should work after you restart Atom.