'python3' is not recognized


I have installed script package because I wanted to code in python in atom; however, when I wrote some simple code in .py file like : print(“Hello world”) I received an error:

’python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I have installed only script package and nothing more. How can I finally run this piece of code in atom editor?


Is python a working command in the command prompt?

You’ll need to install Python if it’s not already on your computer. And your title says python3, but the error says python.


I do have pycharm which I use often, so I do have python; however, I don’t really understand how to connect my atom with my python. Can you please tell me how can specify the path for python in atom?
Regarding python and python3: python is a default command to run a python, and I thought that if default does not work then I should specify it more so typed python3 in a command field but it didn’t work out.
Thank you.


Do those commands work in the command prompt?


Unfortunately, no.


PyCharm includes Python, but it doesn’t necessarily make it available for other programs to run, and PyCharm itself is not open-source, so there’s no way for programs like Atom to integrate with it. You should install Python by itself, at whatever version you want to run. You do not need to connect Atom with anything. If you have Python installed in a manner that the rest of the OS can get to, then any Atom package that tries to use the python command will be able to.


Ok, I get it. Then I shall install python. Thank you so much.