Python runs in .cmd, but not in atom?!


Hey everyone.
I’m new to atom. I’m able to run python in the command prompt, but I’m still running into this error:

‘python3’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file

I’ve added python and python/script addresses to the system variables, any other advice?



Hi Ben. Welcome.

It would be best if you expand on some detail and tell us which 3rd party add-on (package) did you use in Atom. Also… what did you type in the command line to have the Python code execute?


I’m using the scripts package. And I simply typed python in the command window.


Ben, please be patient with me. Please be exact.
There is no scripts package.
Typing python in the command window does not execute any code.

Are you running Windows? When saying command window , do you mean command prompt?

Look so long at:


Yes, I mean command prompt in windows. The package I installed in atom is called script, it’s used for running python scripts in aton


What do you type in the command prompt?..




I type python, and it returns the same text as you have in your last screenshot but version 3. 6.3


Have you closed and reopened Atom since then? When a process is started, it picks up all current environment variables and stores a copy of those, that it uses. When you change the global variables, not all processes will automatically update their environments. To ensure that a program has the exact same environment variables as you see in the dialog, you should close it entirely and then reopen it.