Python Problems


I have just started atom. I have been using PyCharm for quite awhile now, but think about using Atom once in awhile. However, there is something wrong: I can’t import packages like scipy, pygame, matpotlib, numpy, pandas and others. It says that there is no such module. However, I have installed them manually in my PATH directory on Linux. So what could be an issue? Other system packages work just fine.


What says this? Atom has no ability to run Python on its own, so you have to use packages to interface with external interpreters. If you identify the package that you’re using, we can see what command it’s sending and test whether the target of that command is able to find those packages when used from your terminal from the same directory.

With no information, all I can say is that there’s a solid probability that those packages are installed for one variety of Python, but the package you’re using is trying to invoke a different one.